Through a long tradition of leadership formation students are encouraged to become creative and confident future leaders with a strong sense of social responsibility. The College offers many leadership opportunities for students from Years 7-12.

Prefect Council members at Mercedes College understand their leadership to be both a privilege and a responsibility and aim to be reflective, critical and visionary in a Mercy context.

The Prefect Council offers Year 12 students a leadership framework that encourages a collaborative model of formation and service. 14 Year 12 Council members are elected by their peers and staff of the College. Prefects are assigned to a year group from Years 8 to 11 and work closely with relevant Head of Year and SRC members. Six House Prefects work closely with House Teacher Leaders and the Head of Year 7. All Prefects are expected to serve the College across the domains of:

  • College Life and Community Ministry
  • Academic and Excellence Ministry
  • Faith and Spirituality Ministry
  • Sport and Wellbeing Ministry

Year 10 students have an opportunity to become Peer Mentors to younger students in the College. The program gives students the chance to be positive role models and mentors, in addition to promoting positive, pro-social behaviours amongst the student body. They also encourage students to be proactive in creating a respectful College environment and “be the change they wish to see in the world”. Once nominated, Peer Mentors are selected by the Pastoral Council based on their ability to aspire, excel and lead.  They work with their Year 7 buddies throughout the year, running formal and informal activities.

Students are elected to the Student Representative Council at the end of each year, except Year 7s who are appointed in Term 1. The SRC represent their homeroom and year group and meet with the Principal and Prefects twice a term to discuss student cohort concerns and ways in which the College can improve student life.

In addition to academic subjects, students are encouraged to participate in one of the many co-curricular activities in the areas of academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual life of the College. All groups offer many opportunities throughout the year for students to demonstrate their leadership qualities by being actively involved in student-run events and representing the College at internal and external events.