The House system is one of Mercedes College’s strengths and contributes greatly to the spirit of our school. It is designed to promote an environment in which students and staff experience a sense of community and feel valued and engaged. Older students learn to care for and encourage and support younger students in a wide variety of House activities. The House system is student-centred and provides many leadership opportunities.

Students are allocated to Houses to participate in a wide range of events throughout the year including sports, dance, drama, music, choir, film and art.  Each House has a Teacher Leader as well as a Captain and her Deputy. Siblings are allocated to the same house as their elder sister.

The House names recall significant women of the Sisters of Mercy; Catherine McAuley, Ursula Frayne, Brigid McDonald, Dolores Serisier, Mary Cooper, Assisium Wright. Each House honors and strengthens its tradition and namesake. For more information on each of the Houses, please click HERE.