Pastoral Care at Mercedes College calls us to create a caring community where students and staff get to know each other in a mutually respectful and nurturing environment.

Pastoral Care is centred on God, embracing the spirit of Catherine McAuley. The program is concerned with maximising learning and growth, whilst developing the students’ values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and practices. Our students are encouraged to develop a positive self-image reflecting self-awareness, courage and resilience, as well as caring for others, the community and the environment. Young Mercedes women have a love for life, belief in themselves, and confidence in their abilities.

The Pastoral Care Policy incorporates the Caring Behaviour Policy and Student Code of Conduct which promote a respectful, safe and healthy environment for the whole school community. Self-worth and dignity of every member of the school community is respected and promoted.

Pastoral Care is not the domain of a selected few. All members of our community are charged with building relationships with students and their families that support the development of the girls in tomorrow’s women of Mercy.

Our dedicated Pastoral Care team meets regularly to discuss the progress of students and provide effective opportunities for all girls to be listed to and feel included.

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12
Year 7

Students are provided with a meaningful transition into high school, where they are exposed to a variety of academic, pastoral and co-curricular opportunities that assist them in becoming independent young women.

The focus for our Year 7 girls is “Coping with Change”. We aim to assist the girls in developing the skills necessary to manage the change from primary to high school. A Transition Week in Term 1, Week 1 is designed to help the girls to settle into routines. What seem relatively simple tasks – how to use a locker, how to pack a bag, how to read a timetable and how to get to classes by the most efficient route are important skills for a Year 7 to master. The week culminates with an overnight camp at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre where students participate in a range of fun, yet challenging activities that aim to help them achieve their personal best. This allows the students from a diverse range of feeder schools to connect with one another and establish positive relationships with their peers and homeroom teachers.

The girls have the benefit to work closely with Year 10 Peer Mentors who will share their experiences and guide the students during their first year at Mercedes College.

Year 8

In Year 8 we focus on Relationships. In their second year at the College we encourage our students to understand that friendships are rewarding and involve embracing individual differences. We aim to help our girls to develop social and emotional skills that nourish their relationships with the self and others.

The Team Building Day at Latitude in February enables the girls to step out of their comfort zone. Relationships with Trinity College Year 8s are strengthened through two socials. Year 11s are ‘buddies’ to our Year 8s, furthering the bonds developed via the Year 7 Peer Mentor Program.

Intellectually able students are offered a place in an Academic Challenge and Extension or ACE class for each of English, Maths, Science and Social Sciences.  Those requiring extra assistance are in modified courses in Maths and English and may gain assistance in Learning Support classes. The girls continue their study of their chosen Language and Digital Technology, whilst being are offered a choice of electives in Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Design and Technology. A STEM program, which incorporates problem solving, skills-based learning opportunities and practical solutions to real life situations, is part of the Year 8 Curriculum.

Year 8 is exciting, rewarding and enables individual differences to be celebrated.

Year 9

In Year 9 one of the highlights is the implementation of The Rite Journey. This program is developed to provide conversation for girls to experience a memorable Rite of Passage to help them in their transition from childhood to adulthood. They are provided with an opportunity for growth that comes from risk and challenge; taking students away from their screens and building strong and rich connections with their parents, facilitators, teachers, peers and mentors.

The girls engage in reflection and discussion helping them develop strategies for the life changing journey ahead of them, by exploring and discovering consciousness, connection, communication and celebration. We end the year with a two-night camp full of personal and team challenges, including a 12-hour silent self-reflection opportunity. Mercedes College is proud that we are the only all girls College to offer this program in WA.

Academically, in Year 9, there is are a wider choice of subject choice including Real Life Sciences, Robotics, Physical Education Studies, Business and Technology and Caring for Children. There is a continuation of the Academic Challenge and Extension (ACE) program allowing for greater depth to explore the Australian Curriculum. There is extended breadth and depth, problem solving and team challenges throughout the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

Year 10

Year 10 is centred around responding positively to challenges and taking responsibility. The title ‘Chill ‘n’ Skills’ refers to self-care (Chill) and taking on challenges (Skills). A cornerstone of responding positively to challenges is resilience. Resilience involves not only responding but being proactive in taking responsibility for one’s own health and education.

A select group of Year 10s is able share this knowledge and learning and engage their nurturing side as Peer Mentors. They give back to the school community by welcoming our new Year 7 students into College life through team building activities, shared lunches and by being a meaningful point of contact throughout the year.

Elective choices are across most learning area’s and include a joint venture with Trinity College where students have an opportunity to study engineering, allowing for exposure to a non-traditional subject choice.

Students develop an individual pathway plan through a comprehensive Career Education program that includes ‘self-assessment’ and learning about WACE requirements, University and other tertiary providers. Students attend the Careers Expo at the Perth Convention Centre and participate in an information day at Curtin University. There are also opportunities for one-one consultations with the Careers Co-ordinator about work experience, course selection and future pathways which helps to set students up for more focused upper school subject choices where they decide whether to take an ATAR, Connect or Vocational pathway.

The year culminates with reflections and a team building Dragon Boat challenge.

Year 11

In Year 11 students continue their journey towards making a positive impact upon their community through embarking upon the pathway that they have chosen. Inspired by teachers that are passionate about their subject, students are given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Throughout what can be a challenging and rewarding year, the students will focus on self-awareness and balancing life. They will begin a two-year program by continuing to develop their personal values. The Retreat at New Norcia held each year in November marks the halfway point of their journey which they will continue in Year 12.

The leadership program at Mercedes College facilitates personal development and culminates in selection of Prefects and Young Mercy Leaders for Year 12. During the year extra leadership possibilities are offered through programs such as LEAP (Leadership, Excellence, Accelerating Potential), a program the College has been involved with for 10 years conducted at the Los Angeles UCLA campus, National Leadership Conference and local conferences. These programs give the students the ability to reflect and learn new skills that they can utilize to make positive changes in the community.

The social highlight of the year is the River Cruise with Trinity College – a glamorous evening which continues the development of positive relationships.

Year 12

In Year 12 we focus on preparing each individual student to leave Mercedes ready to make a positive difference in their community.

As the final year of schooling it is book ended with the Year 12 Ball and is completed with the Graduation Mass and Dinner. Throughout the year is a culmination of all the programs that have gone before it in the previous years. With the completion of their academic studies also comes the preparation program which began in Year 11; focusing on building Self Awareness and Balancing Life, not just for school but for their future. This combined also with speakers from the many Tertiary, TAFE Institutes and College Alumni creates a well-rounded and individually catered finale for the students.

Leadership is also an important aspect for all Senior Students at Mercedes College, and it is why they are recognized in Year 12 by receiving their Senior’s Badge and Jumper. The students are given more responsibility and opportunity to take a more organizational role through some of the Colleges most anticipated events such as House Carnivals and Festivals, Liturgies, Mercy Day and Frog Jog. These opportunities prepare our Young Woman of Mercy to leave and to be confident to make positive change in their communities whilst also keeping the Mercedes link alive.