Pastoral Care at Mercedes College calls us to create a caring community where students and staff get to know each other in a mutually respectful and nurturing environment.

Pastoral Care is centred on God, embracing the spirit of Catherine McAuley. The program is concerned with maximising learning and growth, whilst developing the students’ values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and practices. Our students are encouraged to develop a positive self-image reflecting self-awareness, courage and resilience, as well as caring for others, the community and the environment. Young Mercedes women have a love for life, belief in themselves, and confidence in their abilities.

The Pastoral Care Policy incorporates the Caring Behaviour Policy and Student Code of Conduct which promote a respectful, safe and healthy environment for the whole school community. Self-worth and dignity of every member of the school community is respected and promoted.

Pastoral Care is not the domain of a selected few. All members of our community are charged with building relationships with students and their families that support the development of the girls in tomorrow’s women of Mercy.

Our dedicated Pastoral Care team meets regularly to discuss the progress of students and provide effective opportunities for all girls to be listed to and feel included.