In this fast-paced world of technological and digital transformation, the Library provides a welcoming space for the students to access information and ideas providing a book collection, online databases and IT and other support services. Along with the collection of books we provide a virtual library accessible for the students to use outside of school hours.

To meet the interests of students the fiction collection is resourced with the most up to date Young Adult fiction, notable wider fiction and a colourful array of graphic novels and picture books.

The Library is open before and after school for students and students can receive help from subject specialist teachers in the Homework Club, which operates after school at 4.30pm on Monday to Thursday.

On Wednesdays the Homework Club will run until 4pm on days when a teacher is available.  During most Wednesdays teachers are involved in meetings so the library will close at 3pm.

Students can find the Homework Club schedule in the student splash page on SEQTA.