Mercedes College plays host to a diverse number of social, religious, pastoral and community-based projects all of which are aimed at providing students with opportunities to develop compassionate and meaningful attitudes to the world around them.

The Faith and Mission Ministry at the College is a collaborative partnership between students, staff, parents, the Sisters of Mercy and the Cathedral parish.  Members of the community are encouraged to undertake specific ministries within the Church and the College to proclaim the gospel and witness to Christ.

The faith life and spirituality of students, staff and parents are fostered through prayer, liturgical celebrations and theological reflection. Students serve as special ministers, altar servers, liturgical singers and dancers. A Pastoral Minister provides support to the College community addressing the needs of students and families. She is also responsible for conducting Religious Education classes, prayer experiences and is often a guest speaker at Mercy ministry activities. Fundraising and outreach for Mercy ministries and Catholic agencies are supported generously. Retreat programs, social justice campaigns and service initiatives attract students eager to enact College values. Service is a key involvement for staff and students alike with a strong emphasis on reflective practice and Mercy in action.

Poverty Immersion

Helping with a variety of soup runs, serving food at shelters, and meeting the homeless are just a few initiatives in which selected Year 11 students participate as part of the College’s Poverty Immersion program. These enriching face-to-face interactions create opportunities for students to build relationships and learn more about themselves and others.

Young Mercies

Year 8 Mini Mercies are students who participate in activities at the Mercy Heritage Centre developing an appreciation of the Mercy heritage and charism.  The program paves the way for girls to pursue this interest in other Mercy co-curricular programs. The Young Mercies are a group of senior students who coordinate a range of Mercy ministry events caring for people in our inner city and wider community, raising awareness of social justice issues.

Mercy Service

The College’s Mercy Service program is a unique learning experience encouraging active citizenship in the community.  Students develop an understanding of their responsibility to others in the Mercy tradition, through fundraising events, the preparation and distribution of food to the disadvantaged, awareness raising activities and environmental programs.

Faith and Mission encourages students to become responsible adults who evaluate the world in light of their Christian faith.