The Mercedes College Parents’ & Friends (P & F) Association is a dynamic group of parents who bring with them an enthusiastic community spirit.


  • Strive to develop a sense of community with parents, teachers and students, which reflects our College values.
  • Work closely with the College to achieve common goals.
  • Ensure that a high level of social and educational interaction exists between home and school, parents and teachers.
  • Endeavour to have all parents enjoy the exciting experience of their daughter’s formal school years by encouraging active participation and personal involvement in school programs;
  • Provide a healthy forum for ideas and discussion on relevant issues that benefit the education of our students;
  • Assist in planning and organising functions associated with the social, sporting, cultural and education life of the College community;
  • Work to provide additional resources which are considered of benefit to the student body or to assist the teachers in their professional work.

The group meets in the College Staffroom once a semester to discuss social and fundraising activities. Committee members are elected at the AGM in February each year.

For more information, please contact the College on 08 9323 1323 or email the P&F at


Some of the events organised and/or sponsored by the P & F include: Bi-annual Fete, Mother/daughter and Father/daughter camps, Quiz Night, Footy Tipping Competition, Year group social activities, Parent Forums.

Please subscribe to the Mums of Mercedes and Dads of Mercedes Facebook groups for the latest events and news. These will also be promoted on our Events page.