Catherine’s Café at Mercedes College is managed by LAPG Education and staffed by a Chef Manager and two assistants. The Cafe focuses on healthy food choices, underpinned by a ‘smart food’ program using fresh, seasonal produce. The ratio of freshly prepared food outweighs bought in product, with ratios of at least 80:20 and the Café’s philosophy is to educate or reinforce some clear and simple life food messages.

The fully self-serviced facility is open from Monday to Friday for breakfast (from 7.30am), recess and lunch. It focuses on ‘smart food’ choices: ‘grab and go’ fridge menu, fresh hot food menu, bakery station, Espresso (coffee for Year 12 students only) and a dedicated wellbeing snacks counter.

Café prices are kept as low as possible whilst ensuring that only the freshest produce is used. Summer and Winter Price Lists, and weekly menus will provide plenty of variety and choice. The Café accepts both cash and card, so students have the flexibility of using either. Ordering of food in advance is not required.