At Mercedes College we have a team of experienced teachers and support staff who are committed to educating and supporting our young women. They have specialised knowledge that ensures that our academic, spiritual, pastoral and co-curricular programs are designed to meet the needs of girls.

Our leadership team meets regularly with students and they talk about how much they enjoy an all girls’ school.

The unity they feel by the time they reach the senior years is inspiring. They believe they are challenged to take up any career they set their mind on and the leadership opportunities prepare them to make their mark in the world.

NAPLAN results indicate that Year 7 girls from all girls’ schools outperform their counterparts in a co-educational environment. A 2016 study from Bristol University concluded that single-sex schools encourage “improved self-esteem, psychological and social wellbeing in adolescent girls”.

At Mercedes there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with boys through our Performing Arts program and activities with our brother school, Trinity College. In this way the focus at school is on learning and studying in an environment conducive to achieving personal excellence.  Many of our students choose to specialise in the STEM subjects and achieve at a high level. They are encouraged to seek careers that are not bound by gender stereotypes.

Mercedes College is a member of The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia and further information about the benefits of an all girls’ education can be found on their website.

Learning in the city

Stimulating and exciting opportunities for students to engage in ‘real life’ learning as they explore their subject of choice.

Year 7 Transition Week

The girls develop the skills necessary to manage the change from primary to high school.

Year 9 The Rite Journey

We provide conversation for girls to experience a memorable Rite of Passage to help them in their transition from childhood to adulthood.


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics

The Arts

Outstanding opportunities for students interested in pursuing their passion in one or more of its areas.

College Achievements

First class opportunities turn into outstanding results.

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