Coady Centre came alive with a burst of colours and creativity as we proudly hosted our annual Art & Design Exhibition. Guests were warmly welcomed by Mrs Andrea Hosking, setting the stage for an evening that showcased the incredible talents of our budding artists. The exhibition was officially opened by our Principal, Mrs Kerrie Fraser, whose words resonated with inspiration and appreciation for the artistic endeavours of our students.

The artworks on display were mixed media, highlighting the diversity of creative expression within our school community. From paintings to sculptures, each piece told a unique story and captivated the imagination.

Our thanks goes to Art Coordinator Andrea Hosking and everyone involved in organising the exhibition.

Couldn’t make it to the Exhibition?  View the interactive virtual tour below!
Can’t view the above? Watch the tour video here.
Congratulations to the winners of the Art & Design Awards for 2023.

The talent displayed by our students was truly commendable, reflecting their dedication and passion for the arts.

Year 7 Sculpture Award (1) AUDREY MICKAN
Year 7 Sculpture Award (2) ROSE ASHTON
Year 7 Sculpture Award (3) ISABELLA CHADINHA
Year 8 Visual Arts – Painting Award CHARLI PAGANO
Year 8 Design – Laser Cut Lamp Award AMETHYST FRANCIS
Year 8 Design – Laser Cut Bag Tag Award ABBEY STEFANELLI
Year 9 Visual Arts – Painting Award EMILIE-GRACE LOTSOS
Year 9 Visual Arts – Sculpture Award KASSANDRA AVEDIKIAN
Year 9 Design – Novelty Tape Dispenser Award MILI VUKSA
Year 10 Visual Arts – Drawing Award OLIVE MARANDO
Year 10 Visual Arts – Painting Award LIZ COCKSEDGE
Year 10 Design – Home Décor Product Award SOPHIA HERRINGTON
Year 10 Design – Jewellery Design Award INDIANA BALLANTINE
Year 11 Visual Arts (GEN) – Mixed Media Award RUBY WELLS
Year 11 Visual Arts (GEN) – Painting Award DANIELLE VINCENT
Year 11 Design – Production Award MARISSA MEZZATESTA
Year 12 Visual Arts (ATAR) – Resolved Artwork Award MATILDA MITCHELL
Year 12 Visual Arts (GEN) – Painting Award CHARISSE TAKONIATIS
Year 12 Visual Arts (GEN) – Sculpture Award CHARISSE TAKONIATIS
Year 12 Design – Production Award CHARLIE FLANIGAN