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Mercedes College is a Catholic faith community. We excel as life-long learners who seek the spiritual, social, physical and emotional development needed to achieve personal fulfilment. Our College strives to enable young women to continue the Catholic tradition of our founder, Catherine McAuley, by walking the same path as Jesus in making a difference in their own and others’ lives.

Being innovators in girls’ education, we pride ourselves on being dedicated to meet the needs of all of our students: equipping them to become leaders of the future. Our teaching and learning programs focus on meeting individual needs and catering for many future pathways. We believe in learning intervention and identification of our students learning needs from the earliest possible moment. Students are challenged in their classes to continually strive for excellence. Teaching staff are dedicated to supporting and guiding the girls to achieve and celebrate successes.

An intensive vocational education program assists students to identify their strengths and interests and to create pathways for future development. Students have access to Counsellors and a Careers Advisor to discuss and explore future possibilities.

The library is a creative learning area that allows students to move around and follow an independent inquiry-based model. Using techniques of investigation, interpretation, analysis and synthesis, students are inspired to search out meaning in our information overloaded society.  Developing a good learning disposition and knowledge of thinking skills will assist students throughout all curriculum areas.

Our pastoral programs encourage students to develop a positive self-image reflecting self-awareness, courage and resilience. It is here where the girls learn to walk with others in empathy, respond with mercy and create a caring community. The use of guest speakers and dedicated programs meet the needs of our young women as they being their journey into life beyond Mercedes College. A whole school approach to leadership development encompasses the membership of the Student Representative Council and the ministries of our Prefects.

A diverse co-curricular program offers students the opportunity to develop and improve their gifts and talents. It is an expectation that every student will participate in some co-curricular activity.  Many of these programs extend beyond the learning that occurs in the classroom environment. Participation and competition are the highlight of these activities and performances for the College community are always exciting events.





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