Insights into STEM in the Workplace

Last Friday a group of students attended a "Girls in STEM Day" at the Central Institute of Technology where they heard from a range of people across a number of industries about the importance of STEM in the workplace.

A representative from an animation company spoke about how animation is being increasingly used for simulation in the oil, gas and mining industry, and the need for women to work in the industry.  Students learnt from a Horticulturist about the Greenskills Building where the use of thermal mass, recylced black water and passive solar is being used.  A surveyor from Land Surveys spoke of the impact technology has had on its workforce, and how the industry has been forced to embrace technology with the use of drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), and also change the way they do their work.

The workshop concluded with some interesting statistics from PwC that shows 44% (5.1 million) of current Australian jobs will be at high risk of being affected by computerisation and technology over the next 20 years.  International research also indicated that 75% of the fastest growing occupations require STEM skills and knowedge.  There are a rapidly increasing number of initiatives at the state and federal levels to support students to develop problem solving skills that enhance the increasing interdisciplinary nature of STEM related jobs.

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